Vice President Jejomar C. Binay lauded the approval of House Bill (HB) 6144 which establishes standards of protection for domestic workers in the country.

 “Our kasambahays deserve access to decent and humane work. I believe this bill will ensure freedom, equity and security for our country’s 1.9 million kasambahays,” Binay said.

 Binay also reminded household workers that they can become members of the Pag-IBIG Fund and can avail themselves of multi-purpose, calamity and housing loans. He said employers are mandated to register their househelps as members of Pag-IBIG and to pay a counterpart contribution.

 “Under the law, domestic workers earning P1,500 and below shall contribute 1% of their salary, while those earning P1,500 and above, shall contribute 2% of their salary. Their employers are required to contribute 2% as counterpart,” Binay said.

 Under HB 6144, employers are required to enter into a contract with domestic workers, and to register the name of domestic workers in the barangay. 

Employers are also required to pay wages of domestic workers in cash, and to provide pay slips to their household help.

 The Vice President said he is confident that the Senate will soon be able to pass a counterpart version of the bill which is pending at the committee level.