Vice President Jejomar C. Binay Sunday congratulated Rey “Boom Boom” Bautista on securing his International Boxing Federation (IBF) International featherweight title against Mexican Genaro “Panterita” Garcia.

“Boom Boom has once again proven­ the excellence of Filipinos in sports. We continue to score wins despite the challenges in our country’s sports development program,” Binay said.

Bautista pummeled Panterita­ with heavy punches, causing the latter to get knocked out in the second round of ­­­­­the game.­­

Panterita, however, was not Bautista’s expected match. The Filipino boxer was supposed to fight veteran Genaro “Poblanito” Garcia but an ALA Boxing Promotions agent wrongfully sent Panterita to the Philippines­.

“Despite the mix up, Boom Boom gave all he can to give us a good fight,” the Vice President said.

Last week, Binay jogged with Bautista during the former’s visit in Bohol.

The Vice President also reassured Filipino athletes that the government will continue to find ways to improve the current state of sports development program in the country.