Tañada Chides Marquez on De Lima’s SC cases: “He is not the Supreme Court”

Deputy Speaker Lorenzo “Erin” Tañada III called upon the Supreme Court
(SC) to sanction its Spokesperson cum Court Administrator cum Bids and
Awards Committee chair Midas Marquez when he made statements about
DOJ Secretary Leila de Lima starting a wave of defiance against court

Tañada said that Marquez is pre-judging the case of Sec. de Lima as it
is still pending before the SC and Marquez is not the Supreme Court.

“Or maybe Marquez is only mouthing the thoughts of Corona,” Tañada said.

Tañada said that the acts of Sec. De Lima is not a defiance of the SC
order but rather a compliance as former Pres. GMA has not yet fully
followed the conditions of the temporary restraining order.

The other cases mentioned by Marquez is not connected with the
GMA-temporary restraining order issue although the Palaparan case is
connected with the atrocities during the Arroyo presidency, Tañada

Tañada said the mindset of Marquez revels a very dangerous frame and
should be nipped in the bud.