Pia: “Merci’s Resignation will be Good for our Country”

Statement of Senator Pia S. Cayetano
Member, Senate Minority

“Ombudsman Merceditas Gutierrez made the correct decision in finally resigning from office, after months of clinging to her position despite mounting questions about her credibility and criticisms against her performance.

“In the end, her resignation will be good for our country and people. With Gutierrez out of the picture, the Aquino government will now have an opportunity to start on a clean slate to get to the bottom of corruption charges and prosecute the culprits behind the scandals from the previous administration.

“And now that Congress need not revise its legislative calendar to give way to the impeachment trial, which we had earlier projected to be complicated and long drawn-out, lawmakers can move forward and focus on legislation to address pressing issues, such as worsening poverty and rising cost of living, funding education to plug deficiencies in the public school system, and improving government health services to address high maternal deaths, sickness and malnutrition among young children, and rising cases of HIV-AIDS.” #