Legarda Joins Celebration of Fourth International Day of Democracy

On the occasion of the Fourth International Day of Democracy tomorrow (September 15) led by the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU), Senator Loren Legarda said this special day offers a timely opportunity to reflect and engage in a fresh dialogue about people’s expectations of their government, the role of parliament and how to strengthen democracy.

“As elected representatives, we must, at all times, be accountable to the people,” Legarda said in her sponsorship speech for Senate Resolution No. 595, expressing the sense of the Senate to join the community of nations and parliaments around the world to commemorate the occasion, taking cue from the theme adopted by the IPU for this year’s celebration “What do citizens expect from their parliament?”

Legardad added that equally important, lawmakers must be responsive to the true needs of the people, “to what they are truly saying and expecting us to do.”

She also said that lawmakers must encourage greater participation of all in the development process, especially the marginalized sector.

“As legislators and policy makers, we are the guardians of the country’s democracy,” she said to her fellow Senators.

“We should help one another, within the framework of our Constitution, to push for transparency and accountability, to maintain the trust of our people; for improved parliament-citizen relationship; for increased and meaningful constituency work; and greater parliamentary representation through our advocacy work inside and outside the halls of the Senate,” Legarda said.

“The International Day of Democracy then is not just a celebration. It is a constant reminder for all peoples in the world, for all of us, to continue to promote and protect our democratic way of life,” Legarda concluded.***