Chiz Wants Total Log Ban in Danger Areas

Severe flooding that engulfed different parts of the country has prompted Senator Chiz Escudero to call for the immediate imposition of the total log ban in areas identified as disaster-prone by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR).

Records from the environment and natural resources agency show there are 1,618 municipalities across the country which are considered disaster hotspots.

Escudero explained the total halt to all logging activities should also include natural forests regardless of logging concessions issued by the government to certain companies to prevent environmental tragedies.

“This must be executed now to avoid further destruction of our environment and the senseless lose of lives and properties. It would be a shame on our part to watch lives flicker out before us when we can very well do something to prevent this,” Escudero said.

The senator acknowledged that while the imposition of the total log ban would affect some livelihood as indigenous people and other communities rely on forest resources, the banning should be coupled with alternative sources of income for affected entities.

“This is now or never. Aside from the loss of lives, the country is stepping back further from development as we incur an annual average of P6.6 billion in economic losses based on the study of the United Nations,” he added.