Bayanihan to combat dengue — Magsaysay

Zambales 1st District Rep. Mitos Magsaysay has called for the Filipino bayanihan spirit in the face of the rising cases of dengue fever in the country which is only expected to get worse as the ber months, known as the typhoon season sets in.

According to the lawmaker, each Filipino can do their fair share in combating the disease by maintaining a clean environment to minimize the possibility of harboring possible breeding grounds of the deadly aedes aegypti mosquito, which mostly strikes at dusk, but may also bite during the day in shady areas.

“The DoH campaign against dengue has been very active even in previous years. Health officials have constantly reminded us to clean up our surroundings and get rid of stagnant water in our homes, or cover them up because this is the favorite breeding ground of the aedes aegypti.

Let us heed their advice and become proactive, before our loved ones or our children become victims of this dreaded disease,” she said.

Magsaysay also advised community leaders to spearhead clean up drives in their barangays and promote information campaigns to ensure that their constituents understand the source and the effects of getting bitten by the mosquitoes.
“An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. We should all be informed so we can act quickly. At the first signs of fever, make sure that you take your children or family member to the hospital to get tested so that immediate remedies may be given to them,” she said.

Magsaysay also called for healthy citizens to do their share and donate blood to save the lives of those already suffering from dengue.
Based on records from the DoH, two out of five patients diagnosed with dengue need blood transfusion. While not all of them need blood, those with severe cases require at least 10-16 bags.

“I believe that like any other year, we will get through this dengue season but in order to do so with minimum fatalities, we need to help each other out, “ she said.