1st Apayao Worldwide Grand Homecoming

The 1st Apayao Worldwide Grand Homecoming, (GHC), proudly organized by The Agkakabsat International Movement (AIM) will be held on various days between June 6-12, 2012, in Luna, Apayao. AIM’s goal and mission is to preserve and perpetuate the history of Apayao and provide philanthropic services to fellow Apayao residents and Filipino citizens.

AIM was founded in August 2011 by Naida Piano Raugh, originally from Luna, now living in Germany and the USA, and she has been assisted by fellow Filipinos from the local area and around the world in planning and organizing this 1st Apayao Worldwide Grand Homecoming. This great event is under the patronage of Apayao’s Governor, Hon. Elias C. Bulut, Jr., Congresswoman Leah Begtang, and Mayor Betty Verzola of Luna. Their support has been indispensable and is greatly appreciated.

Key events for the 1st Apayao Worldwide GHC include:

June 6 1:00 p.m. Motorcade around Luna and Pudtol
7:30 p.m. Welcome Party Hosted by our Apayao Governor Bulut and Congresswoman Begtang

June 7 7:30 p.m. Last Canvassing for GHC Queen

June 11 8-9 a.m. Ecumenical Thanksgiving Service
9-12 noon Massive Tree Planting
12-2 p.m. Thanksgiving Luncheon Buffet at Tree Planting Site
2-6 p.m. Distribution of school bags and school supplies,

June 12 7 a.m.-1 p.m. Parade of Candidates
Floats, Marching Band, and Street Dancing Contests
June 12 7:30 p.m. Ms. GHC Coronation

There are candidates representing 7 barangays of Luna and 3 others representing Calanasan, Pudtol, and Flora/Sta Marcela vying for the Ms. GHC Queen crown, a fundraising activity. Some of these candidates are living/working abroad including London, Sweden, USA, Hong Kong, Dubai, and Saudi Arabia. Others are coming from around the Philippines. Whoever raises the most money will be crowned our first Miss GHC.

Funds raised are intended to support various projects including scholarship grants to 1st generation college students; support the 1st ever museum in our province (if the province builds one); support the development of arts specifically in music and dance in elementary, high schools, and colleges in Apayao; distribution of at least 1,000 school bags and supplies, free toothpastes/toothbrushes, and the distribution of 2,000 pairs of eyeglasses and free eye examination to all seniors in Luna and some seniors in other towns that are participating in the GHC celebrations. There will also be a massive coffee seedlings planting activity coordinated with DENR.

Free Raffle tickets will be given to everyone in attendance at the Miss GHC Coronation on June 12. Varied door prizes including household goods and bags of grocery items will be drawn from time to time. One of major prize, as of this writing is a living room set.

This spectacular 1st Apayao Worldwide Grand Homecoming (GHC), 6-12 June 2012, in Luna, Apayao, organized and sponsored by the Agkakabsat International Movement (AIM), reunites the sons, daughters, and friends of Luna, Apayao, with their families and communities and promises to be a fun-filled and heart-warming event! Come and join in the festivities!

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For additional information, please contact:

Naida Piano Raugh
Founder, Agkakabsat International Movement
Monterey, California, USA/Wiesbaden, Germany