VM Albano questions plan of LGU Vintar to purchase heavy equipment

VINTAR, Ilocos Norte – Vice Mayor Rowland Albano said that he is not in favor with the plan of the local government of this town to acquire several heavy equipment worth around P50-100 million.

He said that it is untimely since election is less than a year now.

Albano, a first term vice mayor, is vying for the mayoralty post of this town in the next election against Larissa Foronda, wife of last term Mayor Jose Foronda, whom Albano believes as the “brains” behind the proposal.

The mayor denied the vice mayor’s allegation.

Albano will be in tandem with vice mayoralty bet Magno Antonio Foronda, son of INEC director Antonio Foronda.

Eric Ong, who is running for Vice Mayor, is under the party of Mrs. Foronda. Ong previously run for Vice Mayor in the last election but lost to Vice Mayor Albano.
Amado Racimo is running as an independent for mayor.

Albano said that he was disappointed with the incumbent mayor for his failure to fulfill his promise to endorse him (Albano) for mayor in 2016 election. (tsg)