No Hot Spots for Any Laoag City Barangays

LAOAG CITY (Oct. 11) – Of the 88 barangays in the city, Laoag City Mayor Michael Fariñas said not one was listed as hotspot by COMELEC in the coming barangay and SK elections.

Mayor Fariñas made an assurance that no election related violence will take place in the city stating that the candidates will not resort to any violence for the advancement of their personal interests.

Meanwhile, Fariñas said that he was surprised by report that Laoag City SK Federated Pres. Rudys Caesar Fariñas II filed his certificate of candidacy for Barangay Chairman in Brgy. Barit, this city.

He said he was unaware that the young Fariñas will run as barangay chairman. There was no consultation about it among the members of the Fariñas family, he said.

Incumbent Laoag City ABC Federated Pres. Chevylle Fariñas , wife of Mayor Fariñas , declined to give comment on the recent development.