A witness to recant testimony? Let the honorable court decide

Self-confessed accessory to a crime named alias Bayaw may make fellow inmate ex-mayor Ermitaño of Marcos town in Ilocos Norte a free man in case of recantation clearing the latter as the brains behind the mayor Agustin slay.

Let the court decide, anyway, and mete out the verdict on this high-profile case.

Some may think it’s better to become “hermit in jail” than to be called an ex-convict.

For those hermit-like in jail, repent for your sins thru the intercession of St. William The Hermit, the patron saint of Laoag City.


Calucag out, De Lara in.

That’s the present political situation in the upland town of Solsona, Ilocos Norte at least for the duration of one month and one day.

The duo is bitter political rivals. So, while suspended Mayor Alex temporarily leaves his post, some expect that Vice Mayor now acting Mayor Joseph may do fault-finding expedition on suspected shady transactions, if there is any.

In the dialect, baka inna pa-ukag dagiti files ni Calucag. If the result is negative, then cheers to Alex, Alkalde pa rin.

Meanwhile, councilor Bob Sacro, a silent political strategist, is just observing behind the scene.
A rumor floated that he might be gunning for a higher post come 2019 local polls. Bob’s better half, Baby Sacro of PGIN-ENRO works non-partisan but she is observed to be very close to Governor Imee and bokal Matthew Marcos Manotoc.


Dengue, the dreaded disease caused by mosquito bite, victimizes anybody, rich and poor alike. It already killed two village children from Solsona and Dingras last June. At least 64 dengue cases were reported in Dingras alone this July.

The recent untimely demise (due to alleged dengue) of a young boy of Laoag City shocked many residents.

The fact that the latest fatal victim was the son of a prominent government lawyer became a breaking news.

Doctors in the hospital exerted all medical remedies to save the boy’s precious life but their efforts proved futile.


Nocturnal stone throwers victimizing night-trip passenger buses as well as private vehicles also abound in nearby Cagayan province, it was disclosed to the media by operations manager Neil Jose of several passenger buses coming from Laoag City to Cagayan Valley in Region 2 and vice versa.

Broken windshields and glass windows of their buses were the handiwork of mad stone throwers riding in tandem.

So, stone-throwing incident is no longer the monopoly of Ilocos region where it originated.

Joy-riding drunken and drugged youngsters probably find a thrill when they inflict damages to motor vehicles and the innocent passengers. We hope the long arms of the law will soon catch them and punish them if found guilty.#