Will Sandro run for vice governor?; Will young RCF top the SP race?

Laoag City Mayor Chevylle Fariñas noted that the Feb. 28 5 p.m Boodle Fight along the stretch of Rizal Avenue finally ended the month-long Pamulinawen Festival of February 2019.

Next will be a boo fight when the official campaign period of local political candidates starts on March 29, 2019, for the May midyear polls.

Booing by overzealous party supporters in political rallies is a common bad game of dirty politics aside from mudslinging, character assassination and black propaganda.


In the boondock of Sta. Marcela, Apayao in the Cordillera region, my nephew Mayor Rolly Guiang will complete his three terms in his upland turf until June 30.

His impressive feat in governance for almost nine years that metamorphosed Sta. Marcela into a peaceful and progressive town in Apayao drove his constituents to push him to run for vice mayor in the forthcoming midyear elections.

Good luck, Kaanakan Rolly Idol for another challenge! Coincidentally, he is the namesake of my late elder brother Rolly (Roland Guiang), government educator, singer-musician and early morning riser announcer of DZJC-Laoag in the1960s and later in Ilagan, Isabela. .


Another relative of mine, three-term Mayor Dr. Albert Guiang Jr. of Burgos, Pangasinan, opted to slide down by running for vice mayor.

He had proven his mettle par excellence in the executive branch, now, he will try the legislative. Mayor Albert is the direct descendant of Paoay-born Don Matias Guiang, founder of Burgos town in Pangasinan in the 18th century.

For my two kin, a political dynasty is not in their vocabulary.


Owing to the sudden death of Ilocos Norte vice gubernatorial bet Mariano “Nonong” Marcos II, his nephew Sandro Marcos, son of ex-Senator Bongbong Marcos, might substitute for his departed uncle.

There’s an obscure contender but he seems to be an underdog, hence, the post may be virtually handed to Sandro on a silver platter, so to speak.

If that would be the scenario, then, history repeats itself. His dad Bongbong first served as vice governor and then succeeded his aunt Gov. Elizabeth Marcos-Keon in the 1980s.


Who will top this election year’s Sangguniang Panglalawigan race in Ilocos Norte?

Looking at the aspirants’ list in the first and second districts, old and new names appear thereon. Each one may have their own bailiwick to claim.

The big question is: Who among them can duplicate the overwhelming votes of then senior SPm Ria Fariñas and current senior SPM Matthew Marcos Manotoc, both voted to the top in separate election years?

In the first district, SP bet Rodolfo Christian Fariñas (RCF), might have the big chance to duplicate his sister Ria’s feat considering the strong leadership of their patriarch Congressman Rudy C. Fariñas, also known with his initial RCF.

Whereas, in the second district, there’s no another Matthew Marcos Manotoc-like candidate in the SP bet list to get sure landslide votes in order to become the next senior provincial board member.

This analysis may come true or not. If it falters then human is truly born to err.#