Twelve wishes for the incoming Marcos administration (an Independence Day special)

Happy 124th Independence Day!

As of this writing (June 10, two days after my birthday), I have been neck-deep in school work as well as my projects that are part of my job as a teacher trainer. These days, due to so much stress, I have been experiencing anxiety attacks and as a result, I cannot sleep well and cannot process how I am feeling. However, there is one consolation: such are normal for very busy people.

Even if I feel so many negative emotions, I still have another consolation which I should also use as an inspiration: the BBM-Sara victory, which is a welcome relief from the dominance (or near-dominance) of the pinklawan/dilawan who do nothing but oppose the projects of the government. Yes, out with political elitism and social hypocrisy, which are the identifying marks of the oppositionists who do nothing but muckrake, promote political tomfoolery, and demonize our current administration as well as the incoming one!

Now that we are about to celebrate Independence Day, I would like to emphasize that the war on colonization may have been won, but the war on our self-serving selves known for our sometimes-wanton disregard for humanity and morality still need to be won. Yes, every nation is composed of individuals, but let us not allow individualism, arrogance, and disregard for patriotism hamper us from working together as one Philippines.

I am glad to have gotten abreast of the news that President-elect Ferdinand R. Marcos, Jr. (Bongbong or BBM) has finally been recognized by the world as the successor of outgoing President Rodrigo Roa Duterte. I would like to assume that our world is mature enough to accept change (even radical change, yes). I am also happy that Vice President-elect Sara Duterte has also been accorded the same respect and attention as BBM; such is their good karma for being action-oriented and results-oriented without much fanfare, unlike other political bigwigs who trumpet their triumphs with aplomb at the expense of the tax-paying public.

Many may throw brickbats at BBM and his family, but they manage to parry the blows with panache and aplomb because they do not morph into retaliating Neanderthals or fishwife-like hussies, unlike some other politicians who are quite quick to exchange verbal fisticuffs with their opponents, sometimes even going to the extent of hurling detestable phrases and below-the-belt remarks like teenagers losing to their opponents while in the middle of playing Mobile Legends or Roblox. I have also personally heard many positive stories about the Marcoses and the Dutertes, complete with detailed accounts of their acts of kindness, which they actually do not bother to broadcast for the whole world to know.

Lest I forget, I would like to share with you my 12 wishes for the incoming administration:

  1. Prosecute armed communist rebels and other enemies of the state. Never let these cretins see the light of day outside the four walls of prison because they will only come back to wreak havoc.
  2. Defund leftist organizations and other so-called “progressive organizations” that have ulterior, dangerous motives. Time and again have the Armed Forces of the Philippines done their duties of keeping peace and ensuring order. Our senators must defund those organizations that actually promote rebellion and anarchy. Gone are the days when we would cower in fear due to rebellious entities. Now is the time we shackle the leftist organizations (including party lists) that put our nation in a negative light!
  3. Eliminate graft and corruption among government departments and agencies. There should be a check-and-balance so that no one, especially some Customs personnel and tax people, would gain the audacity to steal from government coffers.
  4. Accord accredited vloggers the same respect, protection, and opportunities as professional journalists. Vloggers nowadays- such as Mike Cervera, Mark Ramos, Aljere, Mimaa Alicia, JDB, Sangkay Janjan, Maharlika, Madam Ely, Sass Rogando-Sasot, Coach Jarret, and others- are not only protective of BBM and Sara but also incisive in analyzing political and social issues. They can even give biased traditional media practitioners a run for their money.
  5. Keep jailed dissidents in prison. Unless for medical reasons or because they are too old to be kept in their dingy prisons, these enemies of the state must be locked up for life and tortured in order to pay for their grave sins.
  6. Continue the war on drugs. President Duterte has done much to keep drugs and drug personalities off our shores, so the war must continue. The Commission on Human Rights must be composed of loyal administration allies in order to avoid committing the same sins as the late sakdalista-like insulares Chito Gascon.
  7. Assert our territorial rights. Incoming National Security Adviser, Prof. Clarita Carlos, is right in advising our government to never let China or any other nation claim our islands arbitrarily.
  8. Round up former officials who have committed transgressions. These officials include one mutineer and one senator who has designated himself the judge and the jury. The incoming administration must also heavily penalize private entities who engage in corruption and other economic crimes.
  9. Correct history. Enough said. Away with biased historians such as one who sounds like a drunken and Valium-addicted version of the late Marlon Brando in his twilight, decadent years.
  10. Do not let the ICC prosecute our beloved President Duterte. I hope BBM keeps his promise to prevent ICC from trampling upon our sacred shoes and our sacred laws. Intrusive personalities such as the UN rapporteur who looks like The Ice Queen and the former ICC prosecutor who has the same physiognomy as Ursula in Little Mermaid must be banned from entering the Philippines.
  11. Prosecute abusive media practitioners and penalize media outfits that violate our laws. Isn’t this obvious? Your guess is just as good as mine, my dear friends.
  12. Nip misplaced activism and street rebellion in the bud. Mendiola protesters and other nuisance people must be punished for causing chaos and for disrespecting authority. Whoever the personalities involved are whom you think of, your guesses are, again, just as good as mine!
    There you have it, my fellow Filipinos and dear readers! Twelve simple wishes that would redound to the bright future of our beloved Philippines!


GUESS WHAT: Swell-headedness and lack of delicadeza are two of the most undesirable traits of this academician/bureaucrat/media executive/tri-media personality. According to my source, who was a classmate of the pedant in question, our subject was known for being as self-assured and pompous as Gaston in Beauty and the Beast or The Wicked Stepmother from the movie Cinderella. There was a time when our subject was caught in a major fiasco involving his/her institution due to command responsibility. Alas, our subject was forced to resign in order to save his/her name and his/her face from disgruntled citizens.

What are the lessons of the story? Never be presumptuous. Swell-headedness will get you nowhere but heartbreak and disappointment. Be humble on and off air. Never provoke others through your combative style of journalism.

GUESS WHO: Who is this erstwhile film producer and entrepreneur who is a closet bisexual? According to my sources, during the producer’s halcyon days in churning out movies, our subject had one of his male contract stars (a screen hunk) as a paramour while the celluloid honcho’s wife was living in a Western country. In fairness to our subject, he is not as promiscuous as a libidinous leopard; in fact, he is as discreet as a CIA agent.

What are the lessons of the story? Be faithful to your spouse. Never let lust get in the way of your relationship with your lifetime marital partner. Be discreet in your affairs. In the final analysis, what counts the most in your heart is your wife (or husband).

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