To teachers and others who bully people who have different political viewpoints: an open letter

The open letter you are about to read is addressed to everyone, especially teachers and students who disparage others who have political views different from theirs. This is inspired by the recent tragic incident in which a graduating college student and youth leader took his own life due to incessant cyber bullying from his former teacher.
What you will read below is also a wakeup call for all of us to be more tactful and sensitive towards our fellow individuals especially in terms of political viewpoints. This piece applies to all of us, regardless of political affiliation, location, or avocation.

Dear everyone:
Just last Saturday (the seventh of this month), after my doctoral class in the morning, I went about my internet and just wanted to read my favorite columns as well as the issues of the day. Little did I know that I would be discovering an incident involving a student and a teacher, which is considered quite earth-shaking and more vomit-inducing than the usual transgressions by teachers.

I read in my feed about promising student leader and Uniteam supporter Frederick Mark Bico Alba and the tragedy that befell him. Being curious about what happened to the young man made me waste no time in reading the posts and discovered that he could not bear the brunt of being pinned down by a beastly, cowardly, and power-tripping el profesor who does not have the scruples to regulate his dominant behavior.

The so-called teacher who caused Frederick’s early and sudden demise must not only be censured by the Commission on Higher Education (attention, Chairperson J. Prospero De Vera III, CHED-Region VI office, and University of Antique president Dr. Pablo S. Crespo, Jr.) but also be dismissed from the service. Such is the call I am reiterating since what the instructor did was utterly reprehensible, unprofessional, and sadistic.

Reading between the lines as I glanced at the thread by the teacher and Frederick, the politically-biased pedant seemed intended to dissuade Frederick from continuing his advocacy and from supporting the senator of his choice, to whom he was indebted. Furthermore, the ornery and obnoxious teacher also induced guilt on the part of the hapless student, therefore piercing his heart and wrecking his mentee’s ego.

To the now-notorious teacher who has caused the perpetual closing of the chapter on Frederick’s bright future, here is what I want you to put into your hollow head and hardened heart: You are so callous and heartless to realize that respect begets respect. How dare you try to impose your political views on others! I am 500% positive that what happened to your former student will haunt you and make you weep for the rest of your life! You have to face the music for your bullying that is, at most, barbaric! To be blunt, your reputation cannot be salvaged because you are beyond redemption! Sacre bleu!

To other teachers who make their students quiver in fear just because they force the children to support a candidate that they deplore: Have you no respect for diversity? It is ironic that you instill in your students the values of respect for freedom and acceptance of diversity yet you force your students to join rallies even if they have not yet reached legal age! How you post your views shows how dominant and pathetic you are towards your learners! To add insult to injury, some of you tend to be influenced by your respective schools that are biased in favor of a particular candidate even if your hearts beat for those whom you actually want, out of fear of professional reprisal from your superiors! Sinverguenza!

To contemporaries of those bullied for their political beliefs: Cease from pillorying your classmates and other people! Your hostility and insipidity reflect your disparaging and uncivilized attitudes towards others as well as how you see yourselves! You better get off your high horses before you cause your own downfall due to your depravities! You also need to reflect on your lives more deeply as well as the way you treat others! Madre de Dios!

Finally, to all of you who respect others for their political beliefs and to you who fight for what is right: I doff my hat to you because you have so much love, respect, and compassion in your heart! Earth needs more civilized, broad-minded, erudite, and level-headed people like you! Your sincerity and manners show that you go beyond political affiliations and social statuses to show your love to your fellow Filipinos without being patronizing or maudlin! Whether online or offline, you truly shine!
Now, everyone, please remember this aphorism: United we stand, divided we fall.

Let justice be given to people like Frederick Mark B. Alba who have shown exemplary leadership and served their fellow youth (and Filipinos) without fear, favor, or rancor!

Agyamanak ket Dios ti Agngina! Ay ayatenka!

Sincerely yours,
Your Ilocano Educator

GUESS WHAT: Taking away what is not theirs is what garbage collectors of this major waste management company tends to do. My source, a senior citizen, told me that her green trash can was taken (inadvertently or otherwise) by one of the garbage collectors. When one of her children heard about what happened, s/he threatened to sue the waste management company, whose trade name happens to be eponymous and whose initials are not just three but more. The offspring was about to call the management but s/he could not get through despite dialing the trunk line more than once.

What are the lessons of the story? See to it that you do not take what is not yours. If ever you have taken something from its owner by accident, return it promptly. Do not take away others’ property just like pilfering candies or cookies from a jar. Be open and honest in facing complaints.

GUESS WHO: Who is this well-known information technology magnate who is as hard to reach as Tibet and as elusive as Kim Jong-Un? My source, an insurance agent who happens to be a close chum, once found out about the IT tycoon’s company and decided to make it one of his/her prospects. S/he called up the company several times but every time s/he would ask for our subject, the staffs tend to answer in the negative. My source also emailed the mogul but the latter would not respond.

What are the lessons of this story? Never forget where you came from. Be accessible to people who offer their services to your company. Respond to emails and apologize if ever you reply late. Never deprive service providers of the opportunity to work with you and serve you.

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