To all the youth (and others) who cannot accept the results of the election and our incoming national leaders

Dear youth (and elders) who are on the opposite side:

Good day to you all!

I hope that as you start reading my open letter to you all, you would start to accept the results of our recently peaceful and efficiently organized national elections. I can never totally blame you in terms of your choice of candidates for we are in a democracy (and we have no right to impose our own choices on others). However, now that the winners have been declared and we are about to transition to a new administration, we have to quite mature enough to understand that we are working towards unity.

One prominent young woman declared boldly and rancorously that she will never ever accept our incoming president, and so did many others who have been inundated with Yellow bias-laden historical literature that they have been taking as gospel truth. Perhaps these people do not realize that history is ever-evolving and that historical biases play quite a huge role in shaping and framing historical narrative. Remember that no leader is perfect and that people change (for the better or for the worse, depending on the people themselves) with the passage of time.

Some of you frankly had the temerity and the so-called clout to have gone to the extent of storming the COMELEC headquarters just to rankle and cajole the electoral body (which, for the first time perhaps, has done something right) for a recount of the votes. You have never been considerate of the people around you, especially your family and your school (or place of work) because you have been quite consumed by vituperation, ill will, and refusal to accept defeat.

Is it because the presidential and vice presidential bets you had betted on have lost? Is it because you think that their loss is your loss as well, going to the extent of having your life torn apart?

I do understand you, people and fellow Filipinos, for we have the same sentiments (we are all human, after all). However, what I cannot fathom is that your sense of logic has just been eroded by your almost-extreme obsession with having your bets win the elections. Remember this, kids: Contests, including elections, are not extensions of your lives, identities, and sense of sanity, mind you!

There are many of you who have threatened to play hooky, thus not attending classes. How dare you bombastically declare that you will boycott the very government that has nurtured and provided for your needs and looked after your welfare! You have professed to be decent, loving, caring, and reform-minded people yet what you are doing in real life and are posting on social media are contrary to your so-called self-image! Can’t you give yourselves the time of day to reflect on the shenanigans that you have been committing?

Please cease boycotting our government! If you think that the government is the president-elect, then you are wrong! Our incoming president and vice president are only stewards of our nation and they are sworn to uphold and abide by the laws that they are to hold sacred. They also happen to love our nation dearly, so please I suggest that you follow their sterling example.

To those who cannot accept our incoming leaders, please have a heart to at least respect them. Respect is earned, not demanded, so please avoid anarchists, communists, and political recidivists who purport to bring about change but actually intend to threaten to shatter our lives and our nation. If you cannot respect our incoming leaders and not give them the chance to bring about change, such is tantamount to forsaking our country. In the final analysis, I (and all the 31 million who are for positive change) suggest that you get a life and get a hold of your sanity. By doing so, you are doing yourselves a big favor, so keep that in mind.

To those who are on the opposite side yet are accepting of the results, I congratulate you for being mature and open-minded! May you influence your fellow kakampink to be rational and sensible, not radical and feeble!
I wish you well and I wish that you always be well! I love you all!

The Ilocano Educator

GUESS WHAT: Leaving business partners to fend for themselves and shirking financial responsibilities are the most nefarious deeds of this entrepreneur/so-called “civic leader”/single mother. My sources, who are young startup entrepreneurs, once organized a fun run together with our subject at a major business hub in one of the major cities of Metro Manila.

They waited for our subject to show up in order to pay for various expenses incurred by the organizers. However, it was past midnight but the entrepreneur in question never arrived; it was only our subject’s flirty daughter who came and she did not even bother to inform my sources of her errant mother’s whereabouts. Karma crept in when, almost a year later, our subject was arrested for syndicated estafa and was detained at the police station. She was also blacklisted from the radio station where she hosted a radio show due to non-payment of air time. To add insult to injury, our subject’s husband divorced her because she was worse than Alma Moreno’s character in the 1980 blockbuster “Nympha”.

What are the lessons of the story? Be honest in your dealings. Never deceive people in the name of money. Trust is earned, not demanded. If you cannot be good in business, at least be trustworthy.

GUESS WHO: Who is this cardiologist from a Chinese-run hospital in Manila who is not only presumido (arrogant) but also like a trigger-happy hit man when it comes to prescribing medication? My source, who applied to be a teacher at one of the universities in Manila, went to this cardiologist to secure a clearance because his blood pressure went slightly up. Instead of letting my source rest for five minutes, the cardiologist took his blood pressure and recorded the higher reading. Lo and behold, my source was forced to buy blood pressure tablets, which he actually did not do subsequently. The arogante de cabron cardiologist also asked my source to do a stress test, which cost more than about three or four thousand pesos. Despite what had happened, my source was given a medical clearance and months later, the university to which he applied finally released his long-delayed salary with a net total of more than a hundred thousand pesos.

rom then on, my source did not consult with our subject again.
What are the lessons of the story? As a doctor, be circumspect in treating your patients. Never ever be presumptuous and haughty. Do not make things difficult for your patients. Earn their trust first before you can say anything and everything under the sun (health-related, of course).

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