Schoolboy picks live goat instead of gadget as graduation gift

BACARRA, Ilocos Norte, April 16– Rich or poor kids’ dream nowadays is to own a cellular phone, tablet or any electronic gadgets.

But for 11-year-old Alwytz Gaoiran, one of the eight siblings in the family, his wish differs from that of fellow kids.

Days before their school graduation ceremonies in the elementary here on April 3, his elder brother asked him what kind of gift he wanted to receive.

His bro expected gadget as Alwytz’s answer but no, the graduation boy wanted his “kuya” to buy him a unique gift– a live goat.

When he arrived home in their village shortly after the graduation rites, Alwytz was full of smile as he thanked his brother for his wish come true, a present without a ribbon wrapper for it was a gift in the form of a robust live female goat standing in their front yard.

Why animal instead of a gadget? The father Ronnie Gaoiran, a carpenter, was quick to explain to reporters that his boy had long wanted to raise a breeder goat for his livelihood project so he could help earn additional income for his poor family.

The boy’s mom works abroad as OFW, it was learned.(d.d./tri-media report)