On the campaign trail

CVF VS. MMK. Reelectionist City Mayor Chevylle V. Fariñas was riding in tandem aboard a motorcycle when she had campaign sorties in Laoag City’s urban barangays on Thursday, April 25, 2019.

John Michael Fariñas, her son and running mate for vice mayor of Laoag, came in earlier as an advance party.

I remember him, Jami, then city administrator. His wife, assited by Jami, crowned our grandchild Cyrene Isobel Sor Guiang when she won as Little Miss Laoag City 2017 during the Pamulinawen festival’s beauty-and-brains search that year.

On Thursday morning, we thought Mayor Chevylle would campaign house-to-house on foot as she did in other areas during the early campaign period.

Probably, like the other candidates, over walking under the heat of the sun during the past few weeks had exacted a heavy toll on the frail body.

Be that as it may, the smiley lady mayor, aboard a motorcycle as a back rider, gleefully approached us at our house gate at Brgy. 18 San Quirino.

She shook hands with us and had a beso-beso (cheek kiss) with my wife Nanette, before she left and moved around together with her group of bets for councilors to woo more support from city mates in our vote-rich neighborhood.

At press time (April 28, 2019), we’re hoping the rival candidates, ex-gov. Michael Marcos Keon for mayor, Bokal Toto Lazo for vice mayor and their councilor bets would also personally visit our neighborhood to do face-to-face campaigning.

I first met sir Keon in front of the Capitol when he was the province’s sports consultant while Attorney Toto and I know each other personally a long time ago. Bokal Lazo is a veteran legislator and a brilliant trial lawyer.

ANOTHER WASTED LIFE. Cordillera region-based Police Corporal Wilbert Rarogal Jr. was armed to the teeth in full combat uniform as seen in his profile photo posted by a local news website.

At the mountainous region, he survived all kind of risk in their police operation against criminality.

Too bad, a gunman’s bullet snuffed out his life due to alleged road rage while vacationing last week in his hometown of Marcos, Ilocos Norte based on a police report.

The shooting occurred due to a simple case of road rage. The gunman and his motorcycle’s driver (a barangay captain) allegedly got irked by the blown dust caused by a passing tricycle boarded by the victim-cop and several companions.

As a few minutes followed, gunfire rung out and the poor policeman was fatally shot.

We think, there’s no substitute for a cooler head at all times when temper crops up. We may add humility.

TOUGH BUT ALSO SCARED. President Duterte says he doesn’t fear to die through the barrel of a gun.

But there are two enemies he fears most. Enemy No. 1 is lung cancer. Enemy No. 2 is TB (Tuberculosis).

Digong, 74, self-confessed that he was a chain smoker, aggravated by too much-intoxicated drinks, for years during his younger days.

If DU30 were a journalist, his future obituary would be read like this: DU30 writes “30”.#