Missing manicurist w/ alias “Ortega” found in Baguio

BATAC CITY, July 25, 2019 — Police said the missing manicurist and her male companion who falsely claimed to be a relative of the influential Ortega political clan in La Union were found in Baguio City and later brought to this city for further investigation.

Earlier, a worried mother who resides near the Laoag Airport Avenue has informed the media that her 27-year-old daughter, a manicurist, was allegedly missing since last July 19.

She said her daughter was last seen hurriedly leaving the Mariano Marcos Memorial Hospital in Batac City where her grandfather was undergoing medical treatment.

The daughter was holding P15,000 cash at that time for her grandfather’s hospital bill when she allegedly went missing together with a guy whom she met through Facebook, the troubled mother said noting, however, that the two are not in a relationship.

She further said that the guy introduced himself as Mark Anthony Ortega of La Union and he claimed his relatives include the governor, a mayor, and a PDEA officer (in that province).

In befriending her daughter, the guy also introduced a companion posing as a doctor who could help with their problem in the hospital, she added.
When posted on social media about the incident, she said many netizens reacted saying the guy might be a scammer whose modus operandi is to befriend with girls via Facebook and extort money.

It may be recalled that a few years ago, another guy posing as a relative of influential politicians in La Union had befriended a pretty college student of a university in Batac City. (The politicians disclaimed him as their relative).

The guy later extorted money from her when he became his girlfriend.

Their affair ended in tragedy when the guy killed the girlfriend during an apparent quarrel and went into hiding.

To prove the long arm of the law, police troopers tracked him down in his hideout in Isabela province where he was slain when he tried to shoot it out with the arresting officers. (tri-media)