Madam Chevylle cites gender equality as ‘pride of the city’

By Cherry Joy D. Garma and Deborah Faith G. Pajarillo

LAOAG CITY, June 23 (PIA) — The first elected woman mayor in Laoag City stood on the podium and took noble of the city’s perception on gender equality during the opening program of the celebration of Laoag City’s 52nd Charter Day on June 19.

In her speech, Mayor Chevylle Fariñas enumerated several things that make her proud how the city shows gender equality.

“There can be no other place here in Region I which can best exemplify gender equality than that of what Laoageños have shown when you elected into office a woman [herself] who is just a mother but someone who has the purest of intentions, to take care of you no matter what,” she said.

The mayor recognized the women’s contributions to the development of Laoag and that the city would not be how it is now without the help and support of the women sector.

“We see a lot of women doing a lot of sensible things for our city,” she said.

Fifty-two years have paved way for Laoag City to improve and move forward. At the same time, it was noticeable for the mayor to see its people evolved into something better.

To the mayor, something better involves the equality between sexes and genders and Laoag embodies this character.

“Gone were the days where women of Laoag City were just confined to the homes,” Farinas said.

She took the opportunity to thank her supporters for voting her as mayor.

“I thank all the ordinary people like me who have given me the opportunity to show everybody that here in Laoag City, everybody is equal,” she said.

A traditional Filipina may be viewed as timid and quiet, but Mayor Fariñas said, “Loud doesn’t mean strength, and silence doesn’t mean weakness.”

She always believed that Laoageños and Laoag City show people that “there is always dignity, courage, and strength in silence.” (Cherry Joy D. Garma and Deborah Faith G. Pajarillo/PIA-1, Ilocos Norte)