In motorcycle driving, one foot is on the grave; The Imeldific is retiring from politics @ 90

THE GRIM REAPER claimed the lives of two teenagers in the recent Magnuang gory motorcycle crash in Batac City. Looking at the victims’ mutilated bodies was not advisable for those with a weak heart, said one rescuer who rushed to the scene.

We don’t intend to rub salt into a wound, but for any similar bloody incident cited above, anyone could not help but partly blame parents who allow their minor children to drive a motor vehicle, worst with no crash helmet and driver’s license.

Since many motorcycle stores had mushroomed downtown selling motorbikes at affordable prices or offering installment deal with low downpayment, parents could not resist the promo but buy one unit for family use as a necessity.

Sometimes, there’s truth to the saying that once you drive a motorcycle, your one foot is already on the grave. Remember, four wheels are better than two wheels. Of course, the latter’s cost is chicken feed even to a lowly earner.

You may grab the offer, own an instant motorcycle and take the risk going to the grave.

GOODBYE POLITICS. Madam Imelda Marcos is retiring from politics, she’ll turn 90 on July 2, says her daughter senator-elect Imee Marcos.

The former First Lady of the late Apo Ferdie (President Marcos) had enjoyed for decades the life of a politician.

She ran twice for president but she failed. She was indeed not destined to follow in the footsteps of her husband Ferdinand.

Instead, she had better luck in a lower political post in Congress rather than to have a comeback in Malacañang.

FROM LEYTE TO ILOCOS. She once represented in Congress her home province of Leyte. This coming June 30, she will end her present post as three-term congresswoman of Ilocos Norte, her hubby Apo Ferdie’s bailiwick.

During elections, critics bashed her why a pure Visayan was intruding into the Ilocano politics or why a “short staying resident” of Ilocos Norte could run for an elective post. All these questions are now water under the bridge.

Be that as it may, the majority of the Ilocanos elected her for the province’s second congressional district for three terms coz she carried the brand name Marcos of her late husband.

Some obscure politicians bravely tried to cut her congressional hold but theirs were no match to her well-oiled political machinery.

Owing to old age and poor health, the Imeldific avoided hectic political campaign. Despite the barrier, she won in all elections in her district.#