CAT and ROTC: Is it the right time now to revive them?

Communism, misplaced activism, and open hostility towards our government are three of the most pernicious issues that have been affecting our country for more than fifty years now. Although there are numerous rebels who have surrendered peacefully to government authorities and turned over a new leaf, there are still so many who are unwittingly inveigled by so-called idealistic, society-oriented organizations and left-leaning demagogues. To add insult to injury, these “pro-change activists” and “progressive thinkers” turn out to be anarchists and supremacists in disguise.

When former president Rodrigo Roa Duterte assumed office six years ago, he launched an all-out war against criminality and insurgency by mobilizing our armed forces personnel, police officers, and other law enforcers and enlisted personnel. With the cooperation of the entire citizenry, our government was successful in stifling rebellion and treason especially within the ranks of government. Although there is much to be implemented in terms of campaigns against lawlessness, I personally believe that President Duterte’s government has worked so hard and smart to arrest wanton criminality and insurrection and that President Marcos, Jr.’s government will continue what its predecessor has implemented.

To further digress about the importance of citizen action and patriotism among our youth and members of the academe, there has been news about the proposed revival of the Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) and the Citizens Army Training (CAT). For the uninitiated, both programs are targeted towards civic duty and training, with CAT targeted towards high school students and ROTC towards college students.

With the recent disaster that has loomed just days ago and has brought about doom and gloom, as well as the vicious cycle of misplaced activism brought about by the likes of “progressive” groups (which I can term as regressive groups), it is about time that CAT and ROTC be revived now.

Though many uninformed members of the populace perceive CAT and ROTC as a mere preparation for military service, such is untrue. Military training is a component of both, but there are so many other factors.
I honestly regret that I was not able to undergo CAT or ROTC. In high school, the school where I went was quite small that we were not able to have CAT; in college, I opted instead for the CWTS. Wishing that I could turn back time, writing this article is the least that I could do and perhaps the only consolation for me and all others who have not undergone CAT and/or ROTC.

These are the five reasons why CAT and ROTC must be revived pronto:

1.Our youth will be able to develop a strong sense of patriotism. Patriotism
is love for country while exercising fairness and circumspection, as opposed to jingoism. With CAT and ROTC, our youth will eventually learn how to serve our country and defend our sovereignty in more ways than one.

  1. CAT and ROTC mold our youth into decisive, forward-thinking, and courageous strategists. CAT and ROTC inculcate in our youth not only bravery in the face of war but also strategic planning and implementation, which we all need in both our personal and professional lives.
  2. Physical activity is a must. With exercise, our youth will eventually realize that physical activity is far more important than being glued to Mobile Legends or Roblox. Apart from physical activity, our youth also need to enhance mental agility and emotional resiliency.
  3. CAT and ROTC develop civic awareness and participation among our youth. If our youth would continue to be babied and overprotected, they would not learn how to foster a sense of volunteerism in their community and meet new friends/future collaborators/lifelong allies.
  4. Disaster risk reduction, first aid, basic life support, and survival skills will be second nature to our youth. These skills are surely taught as part of CAT and ROTC requirements. We, especially our youth, need to develop the said skills since these mold us into self-reliant yet interdependent members of society.
    It is never too late to revive CAT and ROTC. However, we need to have a sense of urgency and DepEd and CHED will surely incorporate the two defense-oriented staples of our curricula in no time.
    P.S. I would like to thank Major Cenon Pancito III, station manager of AFP Katropa Radio (DWDD 1134, Boses ng Kawal Pilipino) and MCAG Group Commander, and A1C Glenly Abraham Gultian, hosts of Kumusta Pilipinas, for inspiring me to write this piece. Mabuhay!

The intensity seven earthquake that befell the Northern Philippines (particularly in Abra, Ilocos Sur, and Ilocos Norte [and Pangasinan, La Union, and other nearby provinces to a lesser extent]), Metro Manila, and other nearby regions last July 27, 2022 is a natural disaster that occurred by happenstance, not by so-called “karmic reaction” as naysayers are wont to declare brazenly.

We commend the government of President Ferdinand Marcos, Jr. for their swift and decisive action. Special mention goes to officials such as Social Welfare Secretary Erwin Tulfo, Senator Imee Marcos, and other officials who work tirelessly and with no funfare. God bless you for your good hearts and your love for us Filipinos!

My dear readers and friends, I enjoin you to pray fervently for our Northern Luzon brothers and sisters to be safe from further harm. That is the least that we can do to save lives and to commiserate with them in these trying times.

I love you all, especially all my UVIP, MSMA, and Uniteam friends! Though I will not be mentioning your names due to lack of space, you are all special in my heart and soul!


GUESS WHAT: Lack of palabra de honor and inconsistency in one’s word are the trademarks of this academic executive of a well-known higher education institution (HEI) located in the University Belt. My source, who applied to be a college instructor, had high hopes that he would be accepted by the university. However, what happened was that the academic executive crushed the dreams of my source by telling him outright that there was no position for him. To add insult to injury, it turned out that other applicants were hired for teaching positions, particularly in the general education department.

What are the lessons of the story? Never give false hopes. Be sincere and man enough to say that there are no vacancies at the moment. Never ruin applicants’ trust. A lie that you say today will haunt you tomorrow.

GUESS WHO: Who is this controversial yet mysterious personality from the northern part of one of the three major Philippine islands who is an avowed country hick with no manners and no morals? According to my source, a gay architect, he asked our subject about the latter’s comments on my source’s blueprints. Our subject, who is not so well-versed in cultural and social sophistry, only scratched his/her head and declared, “bahala ka na” out of frustration; at the time the meeting was held, our subject was in shabby clothes and never bothered to wash up. In addition, our featured personality is also known for land grabbing and contract killing (in fairness, targeting those who incur his/her ire by double-crossing him/her). S/he is also known for terrorizing the people in his/her town. The last thing I heard about our subject was that s/he was stricken with COVID-19 and was almost on the brink of death.

What are the lessons of the story? Be sophisticated no matter what your social status is, through education. Be a fair player especially to your associates. Never be Vito Corleone because pride will bring you to your grave in no time. Be legal and moral in all your dealings.

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