Bar DJ accused of stealing two rims of a cigarette–PNP

SARRAT, Ilocos Norte, March 25–Lowly wage, aggravated by his ill-stricken child, allegedly drove a DJ ( disc jockey) of a bar in Laoag City to shoplift two rims of a cigarette in a cooperative convenience store here, lawmen said.

Chief Inspector Roldan Suitos, town police chief, told reporters that the store’s CCTV camera captured the suspect in the act of shoplifting and hid the stolen items in his oversized jacket.

The suspect’s wife admitted to probers that their family had financial woes and one of their children got sick but she didn’t expect her husband to commit theft.

Remorseful, the suspect expressed regret for doing the act which he vowed not to do it again.

Major Suitos said they were validating earlier report that the loss of laptop in one school was also the suspect’s handiwork. (tri-media report)