An open letter to our teachers and education administrators

Dear Messrs. and Mesdames:

I am writing to you today, not only as a teacher and student, but also as a citizen of our beloved Philippines and a member of our community of learners and game changers. We are about to start formal classes nationwide, face to face once again, and so we have expended much of our cerebral and physical energies just to prepare our grand welcome for our learners and the community as a whole.

We all have been living witnesses to your unreserved heroism and undying loyalty to our country. Nevertheless, we are worried every time you put your health on the line just to fulfill your solemn duties.

Despite the concomitant issues brought about by the steep decline in our educational and moral systems, pre-VP Sara Duterte, you have stood tall and proud as you went about educating minds, taming shrews and tigers among our youth, and burning the midnight oil as part of your commitment to educational and professional excellence.

Discrimination, immorality, disregard for our students’ welfare, and wanton competition have no place in the Filipino education system. Yes, we trust that you would uphold principle instead of self-interest and self-aggrandizement.

We are all counting on you to help to restore enthusiasm and thirst for learning, which were eroded in the early months of the pandemic. We all believe that you will remain at the forefront of nation building and community development through education.

Please never forget that without God and our compatriots, you would never be able to achieve all the great acts of heroism that you have been doing. And please remember that every academic year is an opportunity for turning over a new lead and opening yourselves to new possibilities.

In advance, we would like to greet you a happy national heroes’ day! Stand tall, stay tough, and say that our education landscape is about to turn over a new leaf from now on!

Your Ilocano Educator


GUESS WHAT: Snobbery and pride are the trademarks of this emergent young actress. My source, who is a fitness enthusiast, told me about the brashness and effrontery of the starlet. She saw our subject in the ladies’ room and acting like a prima donna. No wonder the bratty vixen is controversial nowadays.

What are the lessons of the story? Be humble in dealing with people. Remember that you are only as good as your last production. Never forget your roots. Never affect kindness and instead be truly kind.

GUESS WHO: Who is this talented and multi-awarded celebrity who has the tendency to go for deviant fun? My sources, who are gym instructors, whispered to me that our subject has the proclivity to be in heat like a female dog. S/he is never satisfied with having just one partner; rather, our subject tends to be as promiscuous as Cleopatra or Alexander the Great. Our subject’s wild desire? S/he likes to have fun in public establishments such as the gym.

What are the lessons of the story? Virginity is rarer than diamonds these days. Protect your reputation and your character. Do not do things in the dark. Be modest like a monk or a nun especially in your public life.

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