Adam-like and Gamecocks

A man from the upland town of Adams (Ilocos Norte) would be indicted for attempted rape of a 20-year-old girl, a police officer aired directly from the boondocks.

The lawman observed that only a few girls live in the village, hence, the suspect wrongly turned his libido on the victim, his very own niece. Worst, he knifed and wounded her when she resisted.

Poor suspect from Adams! The jail is no paradise for him. He depicted a modern-day Adam to sin in the eyes of God and man.


About 40 Texas gamecocks were bitten to death by dogs in Balbuena, Badoc, Ilocos Norte.

The teary-eyed owner appealed to the concerned people to cage or lace their dogs to prevent any repetition of the incident.

A gamecock aficionado suggested to all breeders: If grown in open farm, armed some of your Texas on the front line with a metal spur (Tadi in the local dialect) to defend themselves from any similar dog attack or even would-be thieves.

We don’t espouse any form of bloody action. But when life is in danger, the use of self-defense is justifiable.


Duterte may resign as president if Bongbong Marcos becomes vice president.
It’s hypothetical. Maybe or might not be outright.

If he gives his presidential post to Bongbong in a silver platter on the last minute, that’s another story.

Tired? Yes, DU30’s septuagenarian but he’s still alive and kicking. See, he enjoys traveling here and there or even abroad on official business.

When the time comes that he refuses to board an airplane then no more option for him but to let him enjoy the rocking chair at home.


Vice President Leni Robredo didn’t give a damn to DU30’s intriguing comments against her.

Instead, she challenged him to resolve the country’s woes on inflation.

Leni, you’re the spare tire of the President. You have the government resources to use as the second highest official of the land.

How can you help resolve the crisis?

Think now, not tomorrow, and tell the President how to do it.

Leni, don’t just be standing akimbo all the time in your comfort zone. #