A Mathematics mentor for others: empowering indigenous peoples through numbers (Second of three parts)

Our subject: a man of considerable (intellectual and moral) means
Our man of the hour may be no big-shot philanthropist or a world-renowned tycoon. On the contrary, he is an information technology (IT) professional in real life, having worked for the Social Security Systems (SSS) for more than 30 years. Now 62, he is retired yet is quite happy with his life now (more about this later in this article and in the next iteration, folks).
So how did I get to meet our subject?
I met our man of the hour- Mr. Edward Ines Agdeppa- when he was one of our guests for the Sunday afternoon AFP Radio show Voice of the Teachers Radio (also known as VOTT) sometime in 2017. At that time (and up to the present), I was still a tyro (and barely two years in the radio hosting industry) and the VOTT team was still broadcasting from the PVAO Building. I remember that it was not only our subject who was our guest but also several others.
On the Sunday that I met Tito Edward, he came across as very cordial and warm, which he still is more than ever. He had a hearty laugh which can resonate in every room (and even every hall). Apart from his laugh, Tito Edward’s sense of humor never ceases to amaze me because he comes across as witty, which reflects his intelligence and propensity to make people laugh. He also loves his family so much, especially that he is a lifelong bachelor and has a special place in his heart for his brothers and sisters (and friends, including this writer).
Just weeks ago, before the Holy Week, I was able to take a short break from the hustle and bustle of work and school. Being the typical netizen that I am, I happened to message Tito Edward randomly, especially when he added me to a chat group consisting of his friends from all over the world. As a result, I was encouraged to drop a line and ask how Tito Edward was. I even promised to call him whenever I am not busy.
Truth be told, I was elated when I learned that our man of the hour is a true-blue Ilocano from Sinait, Ilocos Sur (I trace my roots to the city of Candon and the town of Santa, Ilocos Sur). Yes, Virginia, I was quite motivated to establish rapport with my fellow Ilocanos (and fellow Filipinos, of course)!
What struck me the most about Tito Edward?
Apart from being a charitable man who helps his community not for the sake of publicity or self-preservation, I was extremely enthused to learn that he has a heart not only for his fellow Ilocanos but also for indigenous peoples. He is also a man for others who does not bat an eyelash when others want to collaborate with him.
In the next iteration of this series, I will be sharing with you Tito Edward’s achievements in terms of mentoring the youth and indigenous peoples as they develop their mathematical skills.
(to be concluded)

TO ALL MY DEAR READERS: Now that it is barely two weeks (as of this writing) before the national elections, I am enjoining all of you to vote wisely and honestly. We must go beyond muckraking and electioneering if we want our bets to win. At the end of the day, no matter who wins the election, we are still all Filipinos and we have to set aside our differences in ideology and political affiliation in order to work for the common good. Such reflects our growth and maturity as a nation.
Once again, vote wisely and honestly!
I love you all!

GUESS WHAT: Texting random people and going on a manhunt for delinquent debtors are the dirty tactics of this emergent online lending company. My source, a teacher who is known for being irritable whenever lending companies call him/her up and ask for a debtor’s whereabouts, was aghast to receive a text containing information about a debtor (who was incidentally a teacher, too) and demanded that my source respond immediately. As a result, my informant typed many cuss words directed at the collection agent and then blocked the agent’s number. CLUE: This online lending agency is notorious for shaming its delinquent debtors and besmirching them on social media. Apart from that, the online lender in question is quite usurious in its interest rates.
What are the lessons of the story? Never be greedy and opportunistic. Cease preying on hapless and desperate lenders. Agents, be polite in communicating with the lenders. Be considerate of the lenders’ situations (and who knows, they may be honest yet timid to admit their precarious financial situation).
GUESS WHO: This now-deceased film and television director may be a genius behind the camera. However, in his/her salad days in the 1970s, s/he had quite a temper which put off not a few crew members and actors. According to my source, who is a character actor and entrepreneur now in his/her 60s, the director screamed just like Hollywood scream queen Nancy Allen in the 1980 Brian de Palma-directed film Dressed to Kill just because my informant did not get a scene right. Therefore, my source was flushed because s/he was berated by the director in front of the cast and crew. At that time, the film in question was our subject’s second film. Karma crept in when, more than 30 years later, our subject passed away from a debilitating heart attack.
What are the lessons of the story? Never ever blow your top because you have a great responsibility as a film director. Mellow down instead of going berserk like an elephant. Apologize to people whom you have berated. Teach, not taunt.

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