340 kilos of “hot meat” seized in Laoag City

Some 340 kilos of suspected contaminated “hot meat” covered with no sanitary document and inspection clearance were confiscated by police and health authorities when the cargo arrived at a Laoag-based bus station here.

City Mayor Michael Marcos Keon, accompanied by Provincial Veterinarian Dr. Loida Valenzuela and City Veterinarian Dr. Arthur Cabello quickly responded when they were alerted about the seized meat amid the Department of Agriculture’s confirmed report of African Swine Fever in some parts of the country.

Keon personally directed the immediate proper disposal of the contaminated meat as workers of the city slaughterhouse dug a pit, doused them with disinfectant and buried them.

Investigators said the hot meat in 68 plastic packs consisted of pork skin and sealed in ordinary cigarette cartons.

Investigation showed that the hot meat cargo came from Sampaloc, Manila and was shipped to Ilocos Norte through the Laoag-bound passenger bus.

When the cargo arrived at the Laoag bus station, the conductor discovered the suspected hot meat as the carton accidentally got torn and showed its suspicious contents.

Investigators said the confiscated meat was consigned to a certain person from Paoay, Ilocos Norte.

The consignee admitted that he had been getting meat stuff from his supplier in Manila but all were packed in styrofoam boxes and supported with necessary documents, the report said.

The concerned government authorities vowed to charge and prosecute those responsible behind this hot meat incident. (d.v. & tri-media report)