Never-ending reminder

Published: March 15-21, 2021 edition

It was a year ago since we had our first nationwide lockdown due to the global contagion. Unsurprisingly, when we literally woke up from bed this morning, the Department of Health (DOH) seemed to float a quasi-lockdown which is not true in essence– but only to remind us, again and again, to strictly follow the advice of the government authorities to stay at home and observe health protocols.

It’s a never-ending reminder, so to speak.

Many law-abiding citizens adhere to health standards but the problem is–stubborn and hardheaded violators don’t give a damn to the rules. As a bitter result, there is now an upsurge of COVID-19 positive cases aggravated by the recent entry in our country of the so-called UK-South African-Brazilian Variants.

The recorded skyrocketing spike in virus cases in the last few days was alarming, hence, people in the National Capital Region and surrounding areas were advised to avoid non-essential travel and strictly observe health protocols at all times to prevent the spread of the deadly virus.

Apparently, since March 13, 2021, the country has seen daily cases surging to similar levels recorded in August 2020.

The stay-at-home advice was issued to protect us, our families, and the public at large.

Let us do our part by self-restraint in our homes unless it is for essential or emergency purposes.

Let us remain vigilant by following health and safety protocols, such as physical distancing, wearing of face mask and face shield, and practicing good hygiene that includes frequent hand washing or sanitizing.

All these pieces of advice may sound like a broken record or ruptured diskette being played day in and day out.

Let us not succumb to boredom and weariness. If we allow ourselves to be tired and jaded during this pandemic, the result is a big loss on our part.

nstead, be pragmatic and confident in our deeds, vis-a-vis the virus, so that tomorrow– all of us will eventually emerge victoriously, health-wise. (IS)