Children’s Month celebration

Over 2,000 Day Care kids enjoyed nutritious and yummy foods along with various games in the 89 day care centers in Laoag City yesterday.

The local government of Laoag through its City Social Welfare Development (CSWD) conducted a supplemental feeding for day care children in observance of children’s month celebration.

This year’s celebration theme is: Local Council for the Welfare of Children (LCPC) Para sa Bright Child, Pakilusin, Palakasin, Pagtulungan natin!

The LCPC aims to create a child-friendly society sensitive to the needs of a child wherein all concerned sectors will have to work together in order to produce holistic and sustainable strategies to promote the rights of children.

Aurora Corpuz, CSWD officer, emphasized the importance of children in the society and their role in building a healthy environment in the society, saying: “Children need to have good and nutritious food for their complete growth and development. And parents are taking vital roles in promoting this kind of intellect to their children”.

“We give importance to them because they are the hope of the next generation. We have to provide them with their basic needs such as clothing and food. That is why we are conducting this feeding program to let them feel their importance” she added.

Alongside with the feeding activity are various parlor games conducted for the merry makings of the children. A raffle draw was also organized.

The CSWD hopes for an extensive celebration of children’s month through the LCPCs as they strengthen their efforts in protecting children. (Cherry Joy Discaya/PIA)