Suspect in Balatong slay surrenders– Guerrero

  • The shooter tells a party he killed a man as he quickly flees?

LAOAG CITY, Dec.6–P/Supt. Dominic Guerrero, city police chief, reported that the suspect in the fatal shooting of a certain Rogelio Jose of Brgy. Balatong this city, surrendered to the police authorities after he went into hiding after the crime incident.

The suspect, a native of Badoc, Ilocos Norte but residing at Brgy. Balatong here gave himself up when he learned a police dragnet was tracking him down.

Supt. Guerrero said that the shooting incident arose from a simple altercation.

Investigation showed that the victim could not start his defective kurong-kurong (improvised tricycle) when the suspect, a passerby, jokingly told the former to burn his motorcycle for good.

It angered the victim who uttered bad words at the suspects leading to the heated altercation.

At this juncture, the suspect rushed home and when he returned to the place carrying a gun, he allegedly shot the victim.

A report said shortly after shooting the victim, the suspect went to eat a meal at a friend’s house where he earlier cooked food for the guests who attended the internment of his friend’s departed loved one.

Before he quickly left the place, the suspect was overheard saying that he would not stay long because he allegedly had killed a man, the report said. (tri-media report)