Mom dumps baby into a septic tank after giving birth in a pigpen?

SOLSONA, Ilocos Norte, Nov. 1, 2019– A mother was charged with infanticide for allegedly dumping into a septic tank her baby boy whom she just gave birth in a pigpen, lawmen reported

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The incident happened in a far village of this upland eastern town of Ilocos Norte.

Capt. Chris Anthony Sorsano, the town police chief, said the infanticide charges were filed against the mother by an official of the village, where the alleged crime was committed.

Reports said the night before the incident, the suspect’s neighbors heard a baby’s cry but ignored it thinking there were also other babies in the neighborhood similarly crying that evening.

The child’s body, police said, was later discovered by a passerby.

Meanwhile, Police Chief Sorsano said the provincial prosecutor’s office later dismissed the infanticide case against the mother on the ground that the complainant had executed an affidavit of desistance. (tri-media report)