Loren Urges Filmmakers to do More ‘Green’ Movies

Senator Loren Legarda encouraged Filipino movie producers to create more films that are sensitive to the needs of Mother Earth.

Legarda made the call as she presented the first Loren Legarda Environment Award for Film during the 59th Filipino Academy of Movie Arts and Sciences, Inc. (FAMAS) Awards Night.

“I would like to convey my appreciation to the FAMAS for being an instrument to promote worthwhile advocacies such as the conservation, protection and rehabilitation of the environment,” she said.

“Through the Loren Legarda Environment Award for Film, we hope to encourage movie producers to create films that will send a powerful message about the urgent need to save Mother Earth,” she added.

The first motion picture to gain the Award is Project Noel, an environmental advocacy film produced by Marcus Phoenix Media Productions and directed by Jon Steffan Ballesteros.

The movie is about the story of a boy, Noel, whose journey to finish a school project about the threats to our natural wealth unraveled the worsening condition of the environment and exposed the exigent need to address the problem.

“I laud filmmakers who have exerted time and effort to create advocacy films, such as Project Noel, because despite the fact that such movies do not get much of the limelight, they pushed through it to be able to contribute in raising public awareness on vital issues that we must focus on,” the Senator stressed.

“The movie industry is far from merely being a source of entertainment as it can actually touch peoples’ lives. A good movie leaves a strong impact on its viewers and as such is undoubtedly an effective channel to convey a critical message. A single film can become the impetus to influence citizens to act for a noble cause,” Legarda concluded.***

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