Cayetano presses for an RH bill that is ‘pro-women yet pro-religion’

Senate minority leader Alan Peter Cayetano pointed out the need to strengthen the conscientious objection clause included in the Reproductive Health bill as the debates heat up prior to Senate voting on the bill’s passage.

“I’d like to put some input on the legal framework for the conscientious objection clause to address the concerns of religious groups,” he said.

He also noted that the basic issues need to be addressed fully during the debate to assuage the fears of the public on the bill’s true purpose and objectives.

The minority leader remarked that the debates should tackle all scenarios to ensure that all religious beliefs are respected in the event of the bill’s passage.

“The most important question here is “Is the bill imposing something?” he said.

He also noted that since no bill can be implemented well without the support of the Catholic Church in a country where majority of the population is Catholic, the Senate should work on coming up with a bill that will protect women and will be 100% against abortion but will also not force people to turn against their faith.

“The RH bill that could be passed has to have the capacity to respect all religious laws,” he said.