Mayor Nalupta in the pink of health, Madame’s pleasing remarks for foe, Paoay’s battle of two feminines

Re-electionist Mayor Jeffrey Nalupta of Batac City, Ilocos Norte personally appeared on local TV afternoon newscast and assured his constituents that he had bounced to healthier condition after he got sick and underwent medical treatment for sometime. He feels even stronger this time than before, the young mayor stressed saying he is physically ready for the rigorous campaign period for May 2013………. Speaking of the rigorous campaign, Madame Imelda Marcos, re-electionist congresswoman, will prove anew how she will overcome all odds in the coming polls.

Despite her age as past octogenarian, she knew she could easily win another mandate in Congress. The legacy of her husband, the late President Ferdinand Marcos plus her charisma are factors to her expected victory……….  Her contender well-known brilliant trial lawyer Ferdinand Ignacio of Paoay, Ilocos Norte will sweat it out hard to sway the 2nd district electorates to vote for him. Assuming without concluding that  he succeeds, it will be a significant tri-media banner headline: “Another Ferdinand defeats former First Lady in Congressional race.” It might be an illusion and delusion? ……….In one recent social gathering, the two encountered each other, according to my media colleagues. When Atty. Ignacio spotted her inside the hall, he quickly approached her and “nag mano siya” as sign of respect to the elderly. Madame Imelda was overheard saying savory remarks about Atty. Ignacio describing him “as good-looking, tall guy and respectful”……….In my  hometown of Paoay, Ilocos Norte, two lady politicians will see action in the mid-year 2013 elections. Mayoral candidate Dolly Clemente, wife of last third-term Mayor Bobby Clemente, will face incumbent Vice Mayor Aileen Llaguno-Guerrero, a mayoral contender in the opposition. As two feminines are fighting for the mayorship, we expect no skirmishes and no violence during the election period. Verbal war may be tolerated with limit during the sorties’ speeches  but hitting below the belt, so to

speak, should be avoided. It might cause tension and provoke trouble among overzealous supporters from both political camps. I tremble to recall past elections in my hometown of Paoay where bloody incidents marred the local polls. It pains me to say that mostly feuding politicians here during those days are either close or distant relatives. This time, hopefully whatever be results of the May 2013, who ever wins or loses, both protagonists and their respective supporters should quickly bury the hatchet, so to speak, and move forward for the betterment of Paoay town.(JUN R. GUIANG)