Father hangs self in front of family

  • Dramatic suicide

BACARRA, Ilocos Norte, July 2–Bien Malorca, 38, farmer, a Bicolano married to a Bacarreña here, staged a dramatic death by allegedly committing suicide in front of his pleading family near their house at Brgy. 4 this town.

Hilda, 38, said her husband Bien climbed an acacia tree and looped a wire on his neck with the other end tied to the branch.

At this juncture, Hilda said she and her young daughter stood on the ground and pleaded with him not to commit suicide.

“Dad, please listen to me and come down…who will support me and my siblings in our schooling if you are gone?”, the crying daughter said repeatedly in the dialect.

But no way, he turned in a deaf ear to his family’s pleadings.

In the split of a second, Hilda said his foot slid from the slippery branch and hanged himself before his family’s horrified eyes. The branch is 20 feet high, the report said.

Neighbors quickly responded and rushed the victim to the hospital but doctors declared him dead on arrival.

Hilda said her husband had drunk too much that day due to a financial problem and baseless jealousy.

Police investigated the incident and ruled out foul play behind it. (tri-media report)