Tipsy teenage girl raped after a drinking spree

BURGOS, Ilocos Norte, Feb. 25– Here’s a stern warning to all teenage girls: Never engage in a drinking spree with friends or anybody at very young age.

This warning was sounded by lawmen following an alleged rape incident report they received at 9 o’clock last night in which the alleged victim was a pretty 18-year-old girl of this town.

However, the town police chief, when interviewed this morning by the media, temporarily declined to identify the victim, the arrested suspect and the specific name of the barangay where the incident took place.

The police chief said that based on initial investigation, the victim had a drinking bout with several friends in a house not too far from her residence.

When the drinking ended and their drinking buddies left the place, the victim and her female friend decided to stay behind and sleep in a room of said house as both were too intoxicated.

At that juncture, the suspect arrived and entered the room where the alleged rape occurred based on the victim’s affidavit, the police chief said.

It was learned that the victim resisted and kicked the suspect during the carnal act. The victim’s female friend who slept beside her in the same room was allegedly dead drunk, hence, she didn’t notice the happening, the police chief further said.