SSS Info: Enhanced UMID Card design

The Social Security System (SSS) is advising the public of design upgrades in its Unified Multipurpose Identification System (UMID) card which is featured on those issued to members who applied for the UMID from November 9, 2015 onwards.

Personal information such as name, birth date, sex, address and Common Reference Number are engraved to avoid unauthorized card reproduction, and the enhanced color pattern for the background is embedded with international security features. The member’s photo is also moved from right to left in compliance with international standards for travel documents.

The back of the card is white, with a silver magnetic stripe. The logos of four government agencies were removed to provide space for bank information once the card is ready for receiving loan and benefit proceeds. The material was also changed to polycarbonate to enhance card durability.

In line with UMID implementation of the participating agencies, UMID cards that will be issued by the Government Service Insurance System to its members by the end of this year will have the same design upgrades.

Members issued cards with the previous UMID design or SSS biometric identification cards have no need to apply for a new UMID card since these are still accepted at SSS branches and self-service terminals.