SBm, a crash victim, dies after 7 days in hospital

DINGRAS, Ilocos Norte, Dec. 8– After one week in hospital due to motorcycle crash head injury, Sanggunian Bayan member Samuel Demandante of this town succumbed to cardiac arrest, report said.

Doctors saw improved result of CT Scan finding on his brain injury but complication led to his fatal heart attack, relatives said.

Investigators said the victim had a self-accident on the night of Dec. 1, 2014 when his motorcycle crashed due to a loose basketball that bounced from a game court and crossed his path in the middle of the road in Brgy. Guerrero, this town. He allegedly did not wear a crush helmet.

“SBm Sammy was a great loss to the municipal government and to his constituents”, said Dingras Mayor Erdio Valenzuela, who directed the half-mast of the Philippine Flag in front of the town hall here.(tsg w/ ga-ar report)