PSGuard chief- SBm tiff erupts

PAOAY, Ilocos Norte, April 21–Retired multi-awarded police major Romeo Rumbaoa, provincial security guards chief, reported a feud between him and Paoay Sanggunian Bayan member Edgar Padayao over the presence of ambulant vendors near the vicinity of Malacanang iti Amianan, a major tourist spot in this historic town.

Rumbaoa, in a broadcast interview, said the misunderstanding arose from the incident wherein the SB member asked him, being the PSG chief, to drive away all ambulant vendors operating near the vicinity of Malacanang iti Amianan in Suba, Paoay on the allegation that they have no business license or mayor’s permit to operate in the area.

When Rumbaoa turned down the SB member’s request and instead he sided the poor vendors for the sake of pity, it allegedly infuriated the councilor, the PSG chief explained to the media.

Rumbaoa said the SB member and relatives have business stores near the same area, thus, the operations of the ambulant vendors may have adversely affected their business interest.

It was learned that SBm Padayao, on the other hand, intends to inform the Governor about the matter and other alleged misdeeds of the PSG chief and his men while on duty at Malacanang iti Amianan.(w/ tri-media report)