Picnicker drowns

VINTAR, Ilocos Norte, Oct. 17–Jojo Agbayani, 25, a construction worker, father of three kids, of Brgy.Bacsil North, Laoag City, drowned while he, a brother and other friends went  picnicking at the Governor’s Rest House in Vintar Dam here last Friday afternoon.

Investigators reported that the victim and his group earlier had a picnic at the river dam. Later, they went swimming and climbed the dam’s 30-foot tower. They dived repeatedly down into the 15-deep water.

As the victim apparently plunged  for the 4th time, his companions became worried when he failed to resurface.

Rescuers quickly searched the area and fished him out from the river. They applied resuscitation and other first aids but failed to revive him.

It was learned that the place was temporarily closed shortly after the incident.(tsg)