Paoay mass surrender: 104 users, pushers

PAOAY, Ilocos Norte, July 18—At least 104 illegal drug users and pushers voluntarily surrendered en masse to the local authorities here, officials said.

The suspected drug personalities were presented to Mayor Jessie Galano during the flag raising ceremony held in front of the municipal hall here this Monday morning.

Among the surrenderees who took their oath before Galano include a village councilman, the youngest one is aged 18 and the oldest is 57.

One of them said he gave himself up for fear of his life and importantly, he wanted to reform himself from illegal drug activities.

Galano said the surrenderees would undergo seminar and after that, they would be given livelihood assistance.

To give them first-hand information on hard life condition in prison, Galano said these drug personalities would be escorted to visit the local jail facilities in the province. (tsg w/ dd report)