No sign of foul play–cops

VINTAR, Ilocos Norte, Dec. 5– From his hometown of Piddig, Romeo, 20, (real name withheld as requested) went to visit a teenage girl whom he was courting in Tamdagan, this municipality.

Due to far distance aggravated by lack of regular jeepney plying the route, going home late was impossible. So, he opted to spend the night in the said remote upland village.

As act of hospitality, the girl’s elders offered him dinner and one room in their house. At early dawn, the girl who slept at the separate room was awakened by his loud snore twice. She ignored it and went back to sleep.

The following morning, everybody at home was all shocked when they found out that their night guest was already lifeless.

Police investigators said there was no sign of foul play in the young man’s demise, noting he probably died in sleep.
Since boyhood, he had a congenital heart enlargement ailment as confirmed by his relatives, the lawmen added.(tsg/ga)