INPPO reminds motorists to drive safely amid rising numbers of VTAs

CAMP JUAN, Laoag City — PCRB head PCI Dexter Diovic Corpuz has reminded all motorists to always obey traffic rules and regulations to avoid getting involved on vehicular accidents.

He said that based on the various police reports in the province, it appeared that there is an increasing trend of vehicular traffic accidents around the province.

In an interview with media, he said that one of the causes of accidents is driving while under the influence of liquor, especially wayward motorcycle driving.

As a reminder, he advised motorcycle riders to wear protective gears when driving.

Corpuz also warned all business establishments not to sell liquors to minors since it is prohibited by law.

He further advised the motorists to practice the periodic maintenance of their vehicles by always observing the “BLOWBAGETS” which means “B-rakes, L-ight, O-il, W-ater, B-rakes, A-ir, G-as, E-ngine, T-ools, and S-elf”. (TSG)