House thief eats, drinks before escape w/ loot

A notorious young burglar dubbed as “Akyat-bahay” artist eluded arrest after he victimized another residential house while the occupants were sleeping in Brgy. 10, San Nicolas, Ilocos Norte, police reported Monday, March 1.

Investigators said the suspect, a 12-year-old boy, was chased by responding lawmen but lost him under the cover of darkness. The boy, a police character, had a string of theft cases in this town.

The latest victim, the Caday family here, told reporters that the thief probably jumped the high fence and climbed their two-story house through the window.

A relative said her aunt found their house was ransacked when she woke up about 3 a.m Monday. Hand bags were scattered on the floor. Her aunt’s wallet containing P2,700 cash and other valuables were stolen.

She said the suspect even opened the refrigerator and drank juice. He enjoyed eating at the dining table before he fled with his loot, she said. A hairpin was found on the floor. It was the suspect’s apparent tool in opening the close window and door, police said.(tsg w/ reports from dd/rc)