Hooded gunman kills farm caretaker

PAOAY, Ilocos Norte, (April 29)–A gunman wearing a black bonnet shot to death a certain Jomar Rallonza during an attack at dawn this morning in Brgy. 2 San Roque, this town, lawmen reported.

S/I Rodel del Castillo, town police chief, ruled out politics behind the killing. He theorized the suspect was probably under drug when he shot the victim, a farm caretaker.

The victim’s wife told reporters that at early dawn today, Friday, a masked gunman barged into their bedroom where she, his husband and 6-year-old child were sleeping.

As they rose from bed, the gunman demanded them to vote for a mayoralty candidate if not he will blow their heads up, she said.

She added that the gunman wanted to watch her and husband to have sex. When they refused, the suspect told her to have sex with him instead.

At this juncture, her husband grabbed a LPG tank and hit the suspect as he (Jomar) shouted for help from neighbors. She likewise picked a sampilok bolo and hacked the suspect.

At the height of the struggle, the gunman pumped bullets into the victim hitting him in the different parts of the body. He died while being treated at the hospital.(tsg w/ dv, ga,dd reports)