Gov. Imee launches ‘Silpo ti Biag 707’

In an effort to improve the quality and delivery of public health and medical services to the Ilocanos especially the indigent families, Governor Imee R. Marcos launched ‘Silpo ti Biag 707’ (Lifeline 707) Project on July 1, 2015 in Batac City, Ilocos Norte.

Through this project, residents of the province may call or sent text messages to 0999 – 999 – 7707 to seek for health aid or report Ilocanos who are suffering from chronic illnesses, prioritizing those who are poor and severely ill, needing proper treatment.

“This campaign is for our senior citizens and all poor Ilocanos who are undergoing dialysis, chemotheraphy, and other complicated medical procedures. We want to offer them a lifeline, silpo ti biag, and hopefully cure them,” said Governor Marcos during a press interview.

The project will be carried out with various stakeholders including the public health sector and local government units particularly the barangay officials.

With their assistance, the provincial government can effectively reach and identify the poor and indigent from the smallest and remotest barangays in Ilocos Norte who need immediate medical response.

“We would like to make certain that public health and medical services are in every corner of the province, that every barangay would indeed feel that the government is reaching out to them,” she said.

During the launching, the governor together with the stakeholders pledged their support and signed a contract to commit themselves in upholding the aims and objectives of the project.

As part of the agreement, they vowed to help improve the health of the most less fortunate Ilocano families by filling the gap between knowledge and action in public health.
The ‘Silpo ti Biag 707’ Project is inspired from one of the social welfare programs of then First Lady Imelda R. Marcos during the administration of the late President Ferdinand Marcos known as ‘Save a Life in Every Barrio.’

“By launching this program, we celebrate the legacy of Imelda Marcos as she always believed in a compassionate society where people help one another, Governor Marcos concluded.—(John Michael Mugas, PGIN-CMO)