Free wifi in Piddig town

PIDDIG, Ilocos Norte — Piddig has made another history as the first town in this province to provide free wireless Internet access in this town’s commercial district and public park.

Since last month, local folks enjoyed hanging out at the Piddig public plaza just to avail of the free wifi signal.
They said that they wanted to regularly communicate with their friends and family members who are living abroad through the social media

Students also can now do research work for their school assignments, it was learned.

Mayor Eddie Guillen, said that the free wifi, which offers about two Megabites Per Second (Mbps), is powered by Globe,
Guillen added that with its proven success, the Piddig municipal government plans to upgrade it to at least five Mbps and expand its coverage area to allow more users.

The free wifi, he added, is in line with the Piddig-LGU plan to consolidate its wireless services in every department to reduce operational cost in communication and internet spending. (tsg)