Farmer hacks his wife’s paramour

PIDDIG, Ilocos Norte, April 27—A farmer hacked and wounded his wife’s suspected lover when he caught the two allegedly on the act of romancing in a cornfield at Brgy. Estancia, this town last night, lawmen said.

A police report said the victim was rushed to the hospital in Batac City in critical condition due to multiple hack injuries in various parts of the body.

Investigation showed that last night, the husband noticed that his wife was talking to someone over the mobile phone.
She later sneaked out from their house and went to the cornfield. Suspecting his wife has an illicit affair, he grabbed his bolo and followed her.

When he saw his wife and her lover in the act of romancing, he drew his bolo and repeatedly hacked the man in a fit of jealousy and anger.

The suspect is now in police custody as appropriate charges were being readied against him.(w/ tri-media report)