Drug surrenderees in I.Norte now 5,809 — INPPO

Police provincial director S/S. Jose Melencio Nartatez, Jr. talks about the progress of Oplan Tokhang campaign in Ilocos Norte during a press interview with local broadcasters. (Photo by INPPO)

CAMP JUAN, Laoag City (October 7) — A total of 5,809 suspected drug pushers and users have surrendered to Ilocos Norte Police Provincial Office (INPPO) from July 1 to date under the campaign of the Philippine National Police (PNP), dubbed as ‘Oplan Tokhang’, which aims to wipe out illegal drugs and other crimes in Ilocos Norte as well as in the country.

Under ‘Oplan Tokhang’, police station commanders will ask barangay captains to submit a list of residents who are into illegal drugs, whether as pushers, dealers, users or couriers.

The police intelligence unit will then verify the report and check if these persons are indeed involved in drugs because there are some instances wherein barangay captains, who are behind the illegal drug trade, allegedly list down the names of their rivals.

From July 1, 2016 to date, the INPPO have knocked on doors of 21,267 houses of suspected drug personalities and other households, resulting in the surrender of 5,809 illegal drug suspects; arrest of 127; and 3 killed in various anti-drug operations with a total of 130 accomplishment during police operations.

With this, PSSupt. Jose Melencio Nartatez, Jr., Provincial Director assured the public that the INPPO will continue their campaign against drugs, adding that they will use every possible and available resources to finally win the anti-drug war.

Intensification of Oplan Tokhang in the province is everybody’s concerned. Everybody must get involved, acquainted and embraced to turn out successfully, he said.

He also ordered the cops to continue to intensify the campaign to eradicate the illegal drugs as well as other crimes.

President Rodrigo Duterte gave his assurance in supporting the police force in fulfilling their mandate which is to serve and protect the people from drugs, crime and other illegal activities.

During interviews, PD Nartatez, Jr. also urged the public to support and help the PNP’s anti-drug drive. (INPPO PCR)