DOST conducts Energy Audit in La Union

Three Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in the province were assessed by a multi-agency team led by DOST during theEnergy Audit conducted last June 8-10, 2016.

Energy Audit is one of the Technical Assistance and Consultancy Services (TACS) offered by DOST to assist MSMEs and other business establishments improve their energy efficiency resulting to higher productivity.

The Energy Audit consultancy service was conducted at Escat Dressing Plant in Bucao, San Gabriel, Modulhaus Inc. in San Marcos, Agoo, and Ordinario’s Furniture Shop in Sinapangan, Balaoan.

The team of expertsassessed the facilities and examined the current energy utilization of each firm then identified strategies and alternatives to improve their energy efficiency and performance. A technical report containing a benchmark, or reference point for managing energy use across the organization as well as feasible recommendations with cost benefit analysis and an action plan to reduce energy consumption was provided and presented to the owners at the end of the activity.

Engr. Bernadine P. SuniegaofDOST La Union Provincial Science and Technology Center (PSTC) led the audit. Other experts include Engr. Thelma T.Obillo, Chairman of the Mechanical Engineering (ME) Department of the College of Engineering (COE) of Don Mariano Marcos Memorial State University-Mid La Union Campus (DMMMSU-MLUC),Engr. Harrison R. Flores also from DMMMSU-COE ME Department, Engr. Pablo D. Gurtiza from DMMMSU-COE Electrical Engineering Department and Engr. Sulamita F. Catalan of DOST-PSTC La Union.

Energy Audit is regularly conducted by DOST, targeting three or more MSMEs per province annually. Interested firms may inquire at the DOST La Union Provincial Office, Gov’t Center, Sevilla, City of San Fernando or call (072) 242-0663, 0917-840-8256, 0998-9620229 or email us at (Sulamita Catalan)