Darwin plans to quit drug trade and to go into decent business

SAN NICOLAS, Ilocos Norte, Aug. 16–Darwin has a college degree. But a criminal record in his name was the stumbling block in his job-seeking attempts. No employer wanted to hire him. Almost financially broke, he became the easy prey of illegal drug syndicate. From an ordinary drug pusher, he quickly turned into a “big fish”, lawmen said. Last Friday would have been Darwin’s last deal and planned to quit for good and engage in decent business, he told reporters. The long arm of the law caught him at his safe house at Brgy. Raraburan, Laoag City. Earlier, his safe house in this town was also raided. The police operations against him yielded positive result. Suspected shabu valued at about P3 million, paraphernalia, cash, ammos, among other things, were seized at his hideout, said OIC P.D. S/S Antonio Mendoza, Jr.(tsg/bbr/jg/al)